Healthcare Industry

Indian health care industry growth story is moving ahead neck to neck with the pharmaceutical industry & the software industry of the nation. Indian Health Care Industry provides employment opportunities to as many as 4 million people in the health care segment or other related sectors catering to the needs of the medication. India has become one of the favourite for health care treatments which is owing to the vast differences in medical expenses in western countries. Due to the Indian progressive nature of the health care sector several foreign companies are intending to even invest in the country. Health Care jobs are considered to be one among of the most noble career options which is known to be the single largest profession all around the world.

Indian healthcare industry comprises of hospitals and allied sectors which is projected to grow 23 % per annum to touch US$ 77 billion by 2012 and according to the current estimated size of US$ 35 billion. The Industry has registered a growth of 9.3 % between 2000-2009, as compared to the sectorial growth rate of emerging economies such as China, Brazil and Mexico. There would be increase in number of public and private healthcare facilities which are expected to propel demand for the industry, accounting for another US$ 6.7 billion.

There are numerous medical complexities and the need for advanced medical care have necessitated the recruitment of qualified and experienced medical professionals in this field such as doctors, physicians, medical assistants, radiologists, cardiologists, anaesthesiologists, and surgeons. There are immense opportunities for Doctors, Resident Doctors, Surgeons, Physicians, and Physical Therapists & Dentists. Vital information on Hospitals are provided by employment agencies who help people register as healthcare workers, Medical recruiting agencies, travel & resettlement agencies and local recruiting.


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