Food Processing Industry

The Indian agriculture sector has come a long way since the time of independence. With the emergence of green revolution, India agricultural Industries have transformed itself from a country of shortages to a land of surpluses. With the rapid growth of the Indian economy, a shift is also being seen in the consumption pattern of the country, from cereals to more varied and nutritious diet of fruit and vegetables, milk, fish, meat and poultry products. All these efforts have resulted in the development of a sunrise industry namely the Food Processing Industries.

Food processing is a branch of food science, which exists from the prehistoric times. Food processing has certain methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for the consumption of humans and animals.

There are opportunities like Food technologists, technicians, Bio Technologists and engineers which are required in this industry for the practical application of the principles of many disciplines of science in the manufacturing or production, preservation and packaging, processing and canning of various food products.


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